Driven by a passion for innovation and quality in the ultimate training experience

Take the leap into next-level fitness

If you’re willing to take the leap, CrossFit Progression is the place to take the next step (or first step) into next-level fitness. What we offer is more than just a workout or fitness classes. We present quality in coaching, learning, the environment, the community, and progression. What is next-level fitness without progress?

No matter who you are, where you are on your path to your fitness goals, or what those end goals might be, the ultimate training experience that’s guaranteed to deliver progress and results is here at CrossFit Progression.

We want everyone within our community to evolve, change and grow as coaches, athletes, students, parents, working professionals — whatever defines you — so that you become the best version of yourself. We’ll bring the highest quality in the services we provide if you bring the dedication and hard work to help us all achieve our end goals.

Get the results you’ve always wanted and have fun doing it. See what quality really means when it comes to fitness, at CrossFit Progression.

Progress is impossible without change.

George Bernard Shaw

Your next and best decision toward achieving the fitness of a lifetime.

Our Training Grounds

CrossFit is known for having started out in garage gyms and industrial warehouse type spaces and many are still proudly run and well operated out of those facilities, but we love innovation and progress. We differentiate ourselves with a huge, spacious 10,000 square feet open-plan training facility that’s super clean and minimalist by design. And by “clean,” we mean modern, but also spick-and-span. We pride ourselves in providing the ultimate environment and atmosphere for the best workouts of your life. And while that means getting down and dirty during the workouts, we make sure our workspace and equipment are meticulously maintained so you always know you’re getting the best service out there.

  • I love CrossFit Progression. You guys showed me that I can do things that I never dreamed of!

    Maria C

  • The Progression community is like one big, happy family! When I need to be motivated, I know that I can rely on my mates to push me to keep going. There is no one-upping each other – we all encourage each other and we are one another’s cheerleaders. Progression is one of the few places where I can be my quirky, fun self and not feel like I am being judged.

    Ja Net

  • "Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for me and my family. We really feel spoiled at CFP."

    Sonie V.

  • We both love CrossFit. We may not always show it, but it is helping us live longer.

    Jerry & Linda W

  • ANYONE can do CrossFit at Progression. The coaches will ensure that you start where you are at and help you to progress at your own rate. I especially would like more seniors to know they can do CrossFit at Progression where safety is a priority. We've been part of the Progression family for 5 years, Steve is almost 62 and I will turn 60 in 2016.

    Cally V.