Success Stories


Our members inspire us daily. Their dedication and hard work are what gets them the results while we provide the platform. (A pretty diverse platform, at that!) We’re excited to share their stories with you and can’t wait to help you write your own with CrossFit Progression.
  • Ja Net

    The Progression community is like one big, happy family! When I need to be motivated, I know that I can rely on my mates to push me to keep going. There is no one-upping each other – we all encourage each other and we are one another’s cheerleaders. Progression is one of the few places where I can be my quirky, fun self and not feel like I am being judged.

  • Carrie W

    1. How is the Progression community different than any other CrossFit you have been to? If this is your first CrossFit gym, how do you feel our Progression community impacts your life?

    I have had the opportunity to drop-in on several CrossFit boxes while traveling. There are several things that I always notice that is different with Progression. Progression is cleaner than the others I have seen, the equipment is well cared for and top quality and our coaches are amazing and go out of their way to know your name and make newcomers and visitors feel welcome. Also, a large number of classes and times to choose from at Progression makes it MUCH easier to find a class that works with your schedule.

    2.What keeps you coming back?

    I keep coming back because I love to see progress. If you consistently go to Progression, you WILL begin to see progress. I love the feeling of doing something better than the time before. I am beginning to realize that I am SO much stronger than I ever thought I was, and this keeps me coming back to find out just how much more I can do.

    3. What would you like another future member to know about Progression?

    Sometimes it is really scary and intimidating to start a new gym/try something new/meet new people. Give it a try! The people at Progression are so willing to help and make everyone feel comfortable. There are plenty of events outside of classes to get to meet members, not in your usual classes, and it is lots of fun! The community is great and the coaches are always willing to help with modifications, pointers, and a push when you need it.

    5. Anything you want to share with us, that we might not know.

    Well, I’m sure much of this has been said already, but some of the things that I value at Progression are the coaches, the programming, the dedication to mobility and warm-ups (before and after the workout), the ability to work with a coach to set goals, and the dedication to newcomers and making them feel welcome. Having visited a few gyms, I discovered very quickly that these things are not the norm and that we are very, very lucky at Progression. I love continuing to feel challenged and measure my improvements.

  • Sam K.

    Progression has a better community and integration than other gyms, there doesn’t seem to be such a huge divide between the casual CrossFitter and the competition level athletes everyone seems to commingle and be friendly with each other.

  • Cally V.

    The Progression community provides unconditional support and encouragement, no matter your skill, age, size. It is so beneficial to be part of a community that both offers support while pushing you to achieve YOUR best.

    We continue to participate at Progression because it is a supportive, safe and FUN community and I am a better person because I participate at Progression. I feel better, look better and enjoy life more because I am healthier. Being part of the Progression community is a lifestyle.

    ANYONE can do CrossFit at Progression. The coaches will ensure that you start where you are at and help you to progress at your own rate. I especially would like more seniors to know they can do CrossFit at Progression where safety is a priority. We’ve been part of the Progression family for 5 years, Steve is almost 62 and I will turn 60 in 2016. Steve has worked his way through shoulder surgery (not caused by Progression) and I have arthritis in most of my joints so if we can do it, ANYONE can do it I learned that most of the battle is in your head not your body. Conquer your fears, get over yourself and learn how to listen to your body. Then you can do way more than you know. You don’t have to be a fire breather, just be healthy so you can enjoy your grandchildren, your family, your life! I plan to be part of the Progression family for MANY years.

  • Annie L

    I have always loved exercising but was hitting a wall with running and doing routine lifting programs at the gym, so I tried CrossFit with some friends and absolutely loved the fast-paced environment and the cool people.


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